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Koçaslanlar Holding organized The New Product Range Launch of Renault Trucks in Bursa Görükle Plaza in September 29, 2014. With the presentation of Miss. İpek Tanrıyar, Koçaslanlar Holding Chairman of the Board Mr. Mahmut Koçaslan and Board Members Mr. Muhsin Koçaslan, Mr. Lokman Koçaslan, Mr. Yakup Koçaslan, Bursa Plaza General Manager Mr. Mehmet Demir, İzmir Plaza General Manager Mr. Mesut Süzer, Renault Trucks Turkey Sales Manager Mr. Tolga Küçükyumuk, Renault Trucks Region Sales Manager Mr. Coşkun Saraç and customers attended to the launch which was organized in Koçaslanlar Renault Trucks Plaza in Bursa.

At the event that a lot of guests were there, Mr. Muhsin Koçaslan made an opening speech. ‘ As being Koçaslan, we have introduced to the market the Renault Trucks’s EURO5 and EURO6 new product range which are designed for T series by maintaining foreground the efficiency and robustness. They stand out with its excellent, reliable and high-performance specifications which will allow to keep the costs under control in the transport sector.  Mr. Muhsin Koçaslan also said that ' KOÇASLANLAR which acts in line with the needs of clients operating in the market, is a company that learning, developing, adapting to the changes, always maintaining the competitive edge and also has been adopted the basic philosophy of being a company that all customers are happy to work us.

Mr. Mahmut Koçaslan also said that ' As being Koçaslanlar Automotive, we aim to provide appropriate services structure for the changing and developing the transport sector in Turkey.' And said 'We have taken as mission of the provision of sales and after-sales service for products which reduce the operational costs of sector, enables the effective use of time,  enhance the quality of service, and meet the number of commercial vehicles.

Renault Trucks Turkey Sales Manager Mr. Tolga Küçükyumuk made the presentation of the new product range of Renault Trucks at the launch.  During the presentation Mr. Karataban said that  'Renault Trucks’s new vehicles are designed by keeping the productivity at the forefront.   Designers gave the form to the designs by seeing the vehicles like they are working in productivity and serving to the transport companies. In addition; he said that Renault Trucks has used Euro 5 block motors that renowned for its reliability and performance, during the the development process of new Euro 6 motors and talked about the changes done to harmonize the standards of Euro 6 which has been mandotary since 1st January of 2014 in Europe and will have been since 1st January of 2016 in Turkey.

At the launch, the customers who have ordered from the new product range, were presented plaques.  We did draw among participating customers and 3 customers were presented with the service-care package. Upon examination of the vehicle, the launch was ended.