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BAV Inc. presented its brand of ISUZU D-MAX vehicles at Nature and Game Fair organized at Tüyap Bursa between May 22-25.

Since October 2013,  BAV Inc. which has bought the dealership of Anadolu ISUZU Bursa Dealer,  brought the brand of ISUZU into the leader of Bursa Market Share in six months in sector.

BAV Inc. which presented its 4x4 D-MAX pick-up models at Nature and Game Fair, was met with great interest and demand. D-MAX which is pioneer of the sector with qualities of 2,5 litre motor, 163 hp, 400 Nm torque; is the leader in pick-up world on security with the quality of ABS-EBS-TCS and 6 airbags.

BAV INC.  General Manager Mr. Ahmet UĞUR said that “We have completed a large deficit  by adding the brand of ISUZU to the brands of our group presented. it is so important for us to provide smoothly giving sales and after-sales services at our plaza in Ovaakça.  .  In this context, We carried all kinds of our investment by training of our staff and our technical service equipment. We keep after-sales customer satisfaction always in the forefront.  As BAV Inc., with the awareness of the seriousness of the services that we provide, we serve to our customers at our sales and after-sales service points according to the our customers needs.”