Vision & mission


To be a company that learning, developing, adapting to the changes, caring customer needs, outstanding  in market with its features, always maintaining the competitive edge and also has been adopted the basic philosophy of being a company that all customers are happy to work us.


  • To be a solution partner for our customers with our sales and after-sales services by using the global strength of the brands that we represent, on the needs of the automotive and commercial vehicle; while reducing the operational costs of the investments that we made in road transport.
  • To be a leader in sector by contributing to the national economy, to create jobs, to ensure the expansion of the brand, to increase our market share in existing markets, to create new markets all across the country by focusing on the needs of our existing and potential customers.
  • To improve workforce by attracting it and perpetuating within us in a communicative, management style that lead to change and team spirit area for to ensure balance between the needs of all our stakeholders.
  • To ensure a long-term, sustainable and profitable growth with the philosophy of Leadership must be unconditional result of our success is not a destination.